About Us

Nicholas Miccioli is a small business coach with over 28 years of experience working with creative, spiritual teachers and wellness business owners. His clients include artists, marketers, healers, and musicians as well as yoga teachers, kinesiologists and psychologists.

What is the secret to it?

We begin by clarifying your business goals and identifying the obstacles that you want to overcome. Your first session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. Many clients find that it is helpful to schedule a few more appointments to keep them accountable and supported. However, we are flexible and won’t force you to sign any contracts.

Coaching for small businesses will be a great help.

  • Create a vision for your company and a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Find your ideal client to learn how you can communicate your message authentically.
  • Create a simple, but effective marketing plan that will allow you to sell your products without having to be salesy.
  • Positive thinking is key to making money.
  • Know your strengths and what you should delegate.
  • You should network in a way you feel comfortable.
  • You must balance your business and personal life.

With whom does Nicholas work?

Nicholas provides in-person coaching, mentoring and business consulting in Melbourne. She also offers online business coaching for entrepreneurs who own startup businesses in Australia. His specialties include working with spiritual teachers and creatives, and she is able to support clients who wish to increase their self-belief and confidence.

Nicholas works with clients who are passionate about building purpose-driven businesses and meaningful relationships. They want to make a difference in the world.

What makes Nicholas different than other business coaches?

Nicholas specializes in working with introverts, spiritual teachers, creatives, and people who feel an ‘imposter syndrome. Clients describe his coaching style to be intuitive, supportive, empathic, and kind.

Online coaching is better than in-person?

Online coaching is just as effective as in-person sessions. It can be a more effective model of coaching in some cases. It is time-efficient, personal, and it’s very easy to use. Try it out if you are still unsure. You may be surprised. We can help you find local accommodation options if you are from out of town and want to come for a session in person.

One session fee

$250 for a 45-minute session

Coaching program fees

Five 60-minute sessions for $1,000. Payment in three equal monthly installments.