10 Things You Need To Know About Becoming an Interior Designer

Are you always redecorating your room?

Getting praised for your work?

Have a knack for design or trying out sketches as virtual designer?

Then you can choose interior designer melbourne as a career.

Now, if you are interested in becoming an interior designer, you need to read this article because I am going to tell you 10 things that you need to know about becoming an interior designer.

  1. Difference between interior designer and interior decorator

Melbourne interior decoration is often interchangeably used with Interior Decorator, which is a misconception. Interior decorator’s scope is limited to furnishing and decorating that space and not designing it overall. Therefore, Interior designer can decorate as well but decorator cannot design.

Interior designer needs professional training as well as accredited degree, whereas, Interior decorator does not need that.

  1. Need to have a knack for design

You have to have passion for design, special eye for details. An interior designer needs to have flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture and textiles.

  1. Need to have a degree or formal training

You need to at least have a bachelor’s or associated degree and then you can do specialized courses related to interior design. Once you are done with the courses, you can join formal training to hone your skills.

  1. Build your portfolio

It is very important that you have made a portfolio with sample designs and projects. In this way, your client can judge you better on your skill set and in some cases might select the same design to implement and it will become very easy for you to work on.

  1. Salary isn’t great
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Statistics shows that an entry-level interior designer gets an average $42,000 annually. This is really not a great salary. But with more exposure and experience, you can have a better pay scale gradually.

  1. Need to be a people person

When a person builds a home, they not only invest in terms of money but emotionally also. So, while designing their indoor space, you need to make sure that you emotionally satisfy the clients by respecting their ideas. Interior designers need to be people pleaser.

  1. Need to know local codes and regulations

Staying abreast about the local codes and regulations will not only help you in improving your pay scale but will make you a better interior designer.

  1. Client’s style should be exhibited

It is the client’s space/home, not yours. This statement should suffice when you are designing their indoor space. The client will be living so their style should be flaunted.

  1. It is not just about colors or furniture

Melbourne Interior stylists need to be Jack of All Trades. They need to work with all the stakeholders involved in building the house therefore; they need to have knowledge about structural integrity of building, building codes, Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) etc.

  1. Fierce competition

With a great portfolio you can easily outrun your competition. Another important aspect is continuous learning and lookout for changing needs of the people. For instance, nowadays people are looking for smaller apartments and going by minimalistic lifestyle. So, in order to beat your competition you need to build these new concepts in your portfolio.

Now you know what is needed to become an interior designer, so are you ready to become one?

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Tell me in the comment below that which specialized courses you will be going for.